About Us

There are days, for whatever reason, you don't feel like going out. It could be bills, it could be travel or it could be the crowd. Maybe it's all three, either way tonight is not happening. That, however, doesn't make the night a total waste. Sometimes it's better to have friends over for drinks at the house, and as lame as "drinks at the house" may sound there is a way to do it right without limiting your drinking experience. That is what we wanted to create. The drinking atmosphere that you desire. 

The night doesn't always call for creepy Uber drivers, cover charges, arguing with bouncers, being ignored at the bar, overpriced drinks, watered down drinks, and yelling in your friends ear all night because the music in the place is deafening. Why go through all of that? You could drink at home and receive something us busy people rarely get......peace of mind. In this fast paced life we live, it's nice to slow down occasionally with a relaxing drink. Let Barcessory help you with that. Let Barcessory help you to Experience the Drink.